#CareerConvos: Career Advice for Ambitious Professionals

When it comes to your career, if your goal is to:

  • Articulate your talent and expertise to hiring managers

  • Find a job that aligns with your career goals

  • Learn the unwritten rules of working in corporate

  • Get comfortable asking for more money without feeling awkward

  • Get excited about going to work everyday 

…then this #CareerConvos masterclass is for you!


In this self-paced masterclass, I've included everything you need to know to boost your career and brand including: 

  1. Recognizing your professional strengths and value

  2. Updating your resume

  3. Effective job search tactics

  4. Interview questions you must ask

  5. Negotiating, onboarding, and ramping up in your new job


Kind words from LinkedIn:

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Career Advice & Leadership Development

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#CareerConvos: Career and Leadership Development

We all come to a point where we need to talk to somebody about the next career move. Where do you find that dream job? How do you negotiate a bigger paycheck? When will you be ready for a promotion? If you're looking for answers to these questions, check out the #CareerConvos Masterclass! 

With #CareerConvos, I share career advice with professionals looking to elevate their jobs, expertise, and paychecks. 

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