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To say that I struggled with the CPA exam is an understatement. After I passed, I realized this is the work I was meant to do.

The work I do now as a CPA exam instructor & coach is to help future CPAs avoid the mistakes I made for 1,373 days while taking 13 exams.  

Winston CPA Exam Review exists out of a need to offer CPA candidates a different way to study. This CPA exam review course goes beyond course materials by providing access to CPAs to offer guidance, support for all CPA exam sections, and real-world accounting experiences. Most importantly, we've been where you are, so we get it.

I'm offering virtual, in-person, and on-demand coaching and tutoring options for you. Choose the CPA exam coaching on-demand option if you already have course materials, or choose a full program that includes course materials, live coaching sessions, instructor-led tutorials, and exam day preparation.


Get started by answering the questions below, then choose your program.

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Explore your options with CPA exam review courses and coaching,  offered online and in-person. 

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Did you fail the CPA exam? I know the feeling. Before you start second-guessing finishing the CPA exam, get my Retake Roadmap course. There’s motivation and guidance plus some clutch study tips on how to work the MCQs and simulations. When you’re done you’ll be even more prepared and walking into that testing center ready to tackle your exam. You have unlimited access to this course for 8 weeks. It’s self-paced for your convenience.

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Whether you're a recent graduate or a seasoned professional, this FREE workshop will navigate you through mental preparation, overcoming obstacles, balancing study and life, personal insights, and the significance of the CPA journey. The path to becoming a CPA can seem daunting, but it's possible! In this course, we'll address the crucial questions that have been on your mind.​With CPA Exam 101, you'll be equipped with the knowledge and guidance to confidently embark on your journey towards CPA success. Click the button below to access CPA Exam 101 so you have a foundational understanding of the CPA exam before you start studying. 

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How I Passed the
CPA Exam

After my 10th exam, I had 2 options. I was sad, angry, frustrated, discouraged, and down. I wasn’t giving up so I had to figure this out. 


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