Nicole L. Winston (Nikki)

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When I find myself reading WSJ on my phone then writing out journal entries on paper to make sense of the mergers, accounting treatments and pending lawsuits I read about, it reminds me of how much I love accounting.  If that wasn’t real enough, I passed all of my CPA exams - and it only took me 1,373 days. 


I learn a lot about a business by understanding the relationships between the numbers in the financial statements. My expertise in accounting & finance led me to a project where I built a risk & compliance program for 13 unique businesses. I created a robust process for identifying operating risks, implementing controls to mitigate those risks and how to plan for emerging risks, both inside and outside the business. 

So why cannabis? I've worked in financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, media and logistics but have always been intrigued by the cannabis industry. Medically, cannabis is a game-changer for those suffering from terminal and debilitating conditions. Recreationally, the benefits are endless. Federally, I still can't wrap my head around the Schedule 1 classification but it's just a matter of time before cannabis prohibition ends.  

As Founder of The WERKin' Mommas™ my mission is to make life easier for busy moms as my team runs errands, delivers groceries and helps busy moms manage their household. Those "extra set of hands" give moms valuable time back in the day to do things we love like working out, resting and hanging out more with our kids. 

I speak across the country and write about accounting, leadership, and the fascinating art of working motherhood on Medium, Forbes, Ellevate Network and my blog.

For specifics on my career experience, please reference my resume and digital portfolio.

*Note that work samples are excerpts from actual files. Therefore, some data and company names have been modified and/or omitted for data protection purposes.