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Virtual CPA Exam Coaching

Join The Winston CPA Exam Readiness Gold Program to get the extra help you need to prepare for the CPA exam.


  • Access to a CPA for tutoring, coaching and creating an exam timeline

  • 1-1 private coaching session

  • Community coaching sessions to ask questions and talk through exam-day anxiety

  • Prepare for the exam using retired CPA exam questions and simulations

  • Expand your network to connect with advisors and peers who are supporting you along the way

  • Support from a 13-time exam taker & busy moms who can relate to your struggle

Check out other coaching programs below...

Onsite CPA Exam Coaching

Live & Direct: CPA Exam Jam Sessions

The CPA Exam Jam Sessions are onsite study groups where candidates receive guidance, study strategies, and help with practice questions for the CPA exam. Sessions are facilitated by CPAs who have struggled with yet passed all parts of the CPA exam. Candidates are encouraged to bring study materials & laptops. Sessions are held on the 2nd and 4th Saturday of each month.

  • Bring your study materials & laptop

  • Get face-to-face help with questions & simulations
  • Master content with retired CPA exam questions
  • Learn time management techniques 

  • Participate in roundtable discussions with instructors and peers

  • Study support via email

  • Meals, snacks, & study breaks included

The sessions are currently in Atlanta only. If you want to bring these sessions to your city, email me.

Private 1-1 CPA Exam Coaching

1,373 days to be a CPA.

There are only so many videos you can watch and reading 80+ page chapters is every day is both exhausting and time-consuming. I had to skip the fluff and get right down to learning what I needed to learn.


  • Thousands of dollars invested

  • 13 Exams Taken

  • 3 Online & Live Review Courses

  • 2 Self-Study Courses

  • Hundreds of simulations and MCQs

  • ONE Goal

I help candidates like you pass the CPA exam. Click here to book your study sessions.

What CPA exam students say about the coaching program....

What CPA candidates say about the CPA exam podcast episodes....

During my CPA exam review sessions, we create a study plan, work through complex topics and practice exam questions until you know it. I also share strategies that worked for me when I was studying - how I made sense of equity accounting and computing tax preparer penalties and what makes up comprehensive income. After passing, failing, passing, failing, failing, losing credit and beyond, I'm here to tell you it's possible. 

Review sessions are: 

  • Virtual - available regardless of your location

  • Filled with real-world applications of accounting concepts

  • At your pace. We move to the next topic once you feel comfortable

  • Designed to help you develop accounting expertise beyond memorizing

  • Include a "pass plan" for you to map out your study time & exam dates


If you are a CPA Candidate and need help passing the CPA exam, book your study sessions now.


Still have questions? Email me.