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Commonly Asked Questions


What happens in a coaching session?

The coaching session is your time to discuss whatever you need to. CPA candidates have booked sessions for help creating study schedules, talking through a tough simulation or concept, or to figure out how to study while working full-time and parenting. The goal is to ensure you get your questions answered, schedule your session HERE.

What are your fees?

CPA exam fees vary depending on the help you need. You can choose to have tutorial-only access, a tutorials + coaching subscription, coaching and mastering questions, or a combination of these. Visit the CPA Exam Coaching page for options.

You speak to passionately about the CPA exam. Where did that come from?

Thank you! Being a CPA exam coach was nowhere on my goals list. It was after I passed and started getting questions from other candidates looking for help when I realized I needed to do something. Answering tough exam questions via DMs and email turned into a thriving business. 

I'm proud to say the Winston CPA Exam Coaching Program is the first and only comprehensive woman-owned AND black-owned CPA course provider.

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