Accounting Expert

  • General ledger cleanup: identified, researched and resolved $5 million financial misstatement

  • Established standard accounting policies and internal control procedures for $250 million-dollar business

  • Led post-merger accounting integration efforts for $85 billion-dollar media conglomerate including the reorganization of domestic and international accounting functions 

"I thoroughly enjoyed working with Nicole. The services she provided were prompt and professional. It was obvious she is knowledgeable about the field and cares about the quality of work she provides. I am looking forward to working with Winston Accounting in the future."

    -Small Business Client


Talent Developer


"I appreciate you as our leader."

-Direct Report/Accounting Manager

"I got promoted! You taught me well!"

-Direct Report/CPA Candidate

Champion for #WERKinMommas™

"My mission is to inspire moms everywhere to LIVE...purposefully and vivaciosuly - we deserve to give as much to ourselves as we give to others."

Industry Experience

Startups | Small Business | Healthcare | Transportation | Financial Services | Manufacturing

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Public Service & Awards

Board Member | Mentor | VITA Site Coordinator | Career Coach | Rising Buckeye Award

Solutions for small businesses, CPA candidates, job seekers and corporations

Small Business Accounting & Finance

Know Your Cash Flow

With decades of experience in accounting and operations, I'm ready to take your business and personal finances to the next level. First I study your business, conduct deep-dive analyses to asses your financial statements & processes, and deliver process improvement solutions and & strategies aligned to your company's goals. I'm proud to help you as an entrepreneur drive change and implement best practices to structure and manage your business.

*This service is also available for personal financial management.


CPA Exam Review & Career Branding

Elevate Your Brand

Studying for the CPA exams? I feel your pain. Just scroll down and email me so we can chat.


I love Career Convos. During our sessions I provide the tools necessary to advance your career, whether you are a new graduate or seasoned professional needing to dust off your resume.  We will discuss the current state of your career and develop a game plan for you to achieve your objectives - regardless of your age, industry or location.  It is imperative to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world.  Whether it's resume review, leadership development, wardrobe consulting or moving into the C-suite, I work 1-1 with you to ensure you have your seat at the table.

Contract & Interim Accounting Services

Bridge accounting solutions for understaffed departments

Has your company recently lost a key member of the accounting team? Maybe you're working on a systems implementation and need extra help?

In my experience, a shortstaffed department creates extra stress for everyone. Send me a summary of your specific need and we can get started - sometimes as soon as the next day! I will help with:

  • GL cleanup

  • Month-end close

  • Account reconciliations

  • Process Improvement

  • Employee Engagement

I'm excited to partner with you. Click the Get Help Now button above for the services you need to schedule a complimentary consultation.


Work Samples & Testimonials

Monthly Close Calendar
Accounting tasks by day to close your books
Business Memos
Analysis and recommendations for common business scenarios
Policy/SOP Creation
Document procedures for cross-training and succession planning
50 Secrets Your Boss Won’t Tell You—
Career best practices applicable in any role, company or industry
Employee 1-1
Initiate productive conversations with your manager
Employee Engagement
Encourage teamwork, improve corporate culture
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