Take a Virtual Coffee Break with Me.

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Coffee, like blogging, has been growing on me. I love the aroma yet I never understood the obsession when people say, "I need my #coffee." Starbucks vs. Dunkin' Donuts. French Roast or Breakfast Blend? I just didn't think it was that serious! I started dabbling in and developed an affinity for both and here we are.

Virtual Coffee Breaks, beyond my coffee monologue above, are brief chats & strategy sessions I have with colleagues, friends & mentees. I must say it's not always about coffee. In fact, I love lemon water, #whiskey and tea. Virtual Coffee Breaks are analogous to the time spent catching up, sharing a few things and exchanging ideas.

I'm excited to share my thoughts with you and welcome you to engage!


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