LA is such a vibe!

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

Hey y'all. What's good?! What's new?

These last couple of days have reassured me that the uncomfortable decisions I’ve had to make recently were well worth it. In the past I'd spent enough time in #LosAngeles to grab some #Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles during the layover to Cabo. We’d catch an Uber to the one on Manchester in Inglewood, put the smash down on some food and make it back in enough time to make #SkyPriority boarding. Aside from that it was a passthrough-the-rundown-airport before heading to the next stop.

This trip was a pivotal one. It would be full of firsts. The first time in a long time I’d had a break from mom & wife duties, or so I thought. I was still picking out school clothes on FaceTime and ordering pizza off the Domino’s app, thousands of miles and 3 time zones behind them.

⭐️ I spoke last Thursday for the FIRST time to 2,000+ peers who attended the Accounting & Finance Show in LA. We chopped it up about #ASC606, #blockchain & #cryptocurrency, #forensics, #leadership, #cannabis, risk management, everything. During my session I spoke about the importance of effective leadership in building a winning team. I’ll share that in another post later.

⭐️ Fourteen years ago I faced my fear and flew on a plane for the first time. I was terrified and even turned down a career in public accounting because I knew it would require frequent travel. I thought I was safe from planes in my first job as a financial analyst. TWO weeks in I had to go to our Florida site. I was going to rent a car but my boss has already booked the flight. I was terrified of the unknown and today I find myself intrigued by watching planes take off and land at the airport like a little kid. I hardly ever sleep on a plane because I’m capturing epic views of the clouds and mountains and water 30,000 feet below me. My first flight in 2004 was on Delta and I absolutely loved it. Every flight I’ve taken in the last 14 years has been a #Delta flight. So here I am on yet another Delta flight about to shut my eyes (AFTER I get my Biscotti and as I redeye it back home to my loves.

⭐️ I did what I wanted to do. I went to sleep early and woke up without needing an alarm. I ate grapes & pineapples as I watched planes take off and land - a fascination that came after I lost my fear of flying. My view was perfect - I wasn’t sure at first about the #Westin LAX but I absolutely loved everything about my stay. I made time for some high intensity cardio in the gym. Even my workout was for a good cause - I signed up for #CharityMiles and earned money for each mile that was donated to Every Mother Counts. For the first time in forever, I clocked almost 8 hours of interrupted sleep. All this time I’ve been on a mission to figure out how to get more REM sleep and the answer’s been in front of me all this time…I need my own room! Some days I don’t realize my 6-year-old daughter has climbed into my bed until I get a kick in the face or back in the middle of the night. I linked up with Jaia, a classmate and friend who welcomed me to LA as we talked and laughed about our businesses, our beloved hometown and black girl magic. I got my face beat by Miss #Drini, the dopest MUA in all of LA. You know that “I’m feeling myself and don’t wanna wash this make up off” type of mood? Yeah, that one.

Mr. Jenkins, everybody’s favorite 80’s daddy from #227, was also staying in my hotel. I had a brief conversation with him over hors d’œuvres in the executive lounge. White hair and all, Hal Williams still looks good.

My flight was delayed. I ran into #Tamar at the elevator. As I put 2 & 2 together, I realized she was en route to my hometown #Cincinnati, Ohio to perform at the Jazz Festival.

Interestingly, this is my first time ever being delayed. After the epic week that I experienced, my interpretation of the delay was to sit down and take in every minute of this.

The #jetlag and 30 hours awake was hella real. Most of Friday was a blur because all I could think about was sleep. By midday Saturday I was back feeling like myself, hydrated and all.

Overall, I had an amazing trip, LA is such a vibe. Last but certainly not least, as I raise my glass of Crown Apple, cheers to letting go of fear.

What are you afraid of? Why? The first step to conquering your fear face it. So...what are you waiting on?

I’d love to hear about how you’re going to stand up to your fears now. Share in the comments below. Don’t be shy - this is a judgement-free zone.


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