In Due Time

Updated: Jan 29, 2019

From March 2018 when I was still knee-deep in CPA exam studies. I wanted to write but couldn't find time to complete anything so this is the end result:

Everything in due time.

Three Wins:

1. So I made a decision to do something I vowed to never do - I postponed an exam. It's #FAR the beast but it's defeatable because I've passed it before (don't get me started on THAT story). Yes that means I prolong the journey but I know my capabilities and I know that I haven't given 110% effort these last few weeks. More practice is essential and I'm certain, in due time, I will slide out that testing center poppin' my collar like I did with BEC in January. It just won't happen on March 9th. The fact that I've diverted undue stress that I would have inflicted on myself is a HUGE win for me.

2. For the most part I've been early this week with work, kids to school, sleep - a function of proper planning. Also a function of getting more rest...another VCB on that later.

3. Every commitment in my #planner is written down 15 minutes before the actual start time. My watches & alarms are set 20 minutes ahead. If you need something from me on #Friday, you'll have it by #Wednesday. I listened (twice actually) to the Super Soul Sunday with RuPaul and he spoke about his Type A habituals.

#Chakra Situation: all messed up BUT in due time...

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