Well Hello 2019.

Happy New Year! I'm so excited to see 2019 and make a lot of things on my goal sheet come to life.  

My life was running me in 2018. I found myself making a lot of reactive decisions. I think about the 80/20 rule where 80% is busy work but the 20% is what's most important. I spent so much time in the 80% and while I did amazing things in that space, there was a LOT of work to be done in the 20%. As I reflect back on the year to make sense of how I got there, I'm finding that the the 20% was the uncomfortable space. Most of what I needed to tackle first, I put at the bottom of the list. We've all heard nothing comes from comfort zones and it's true. Here’s a few of my blunders but more importantly my actions to do better.  1. I missed events I'd registered and paid to attend either because I didn't manage my time or because I wasn't prepared to go. Maybe I was working late or double-booked myself because I forgot about an event at my kids school. I'd hear about an event and say yes, I need to be there and meet so and so. Most times I allowed something to get in the way. 

In December I printed out a 2019 calendar started adding events throughout the year so I can have a picture of when & where I needed to be and start planning accordingly. 

2. I procrastinated on getting my car serviced. Now I got my oil changes and brakes fixed but I knew I had to get some mileage maintenance done. I told myself it would take a long time, it would cost a lot and or it would be something bad I didn't want to hear. 

Turns out it did take a long time (several weeks but I had a nice ass 2019 loaner), it would cost a lot (I have a warranty) and I didn't want to hear the problem, but it wasn't that bad especially since the warranty covered it. 

3. I lost myself. I was running on fumes most days. Hustling from one place to the next, skipping workouts, meals and waking up frantic some days because I knew I hadn't prepared for my day the night before. Couldn't even find 2 matching socks some days because even my laundry was in disarray! I figured if I couldn't lay out clothes for the entire week I wouldn't do it at all. 

Laying out just 1 outfit and preparing for the next day is much easier than preparing for an entire week for myself AND 2 kids. I had to remind myself that small steps result in major progress. In general I just tried to do too much in 2018. Not that it wasn't doable because it was, I know now it could have been better. Things don't have to be perfect to start, but operating in chaos is a guarantee for a disastrous ending. It was still a good year, full of lessons learned. I'm grateful for the clarity because it's motivation for me to step my game up this year. I'm EXCITED about 2019. I'm making it a priority to be open to new adventures, launch things that have been simmering in my Evernote notebooks and just HAVE FUN. What are you most excited about in 2019? Let me know, I'm @NikkWinston on IG and Twitter.


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