My CPA Exam Review Course

I sat for #CPAexams 13 times before I could say I was done. It was this never-ending cycle of pass, fail, lose credit, take a break, try again. I even paid to “wing it” once where I took #FAR a week after #AUD hoping I could make it through to the finish line. I had already passed #BEC and #REG - I hadn’t looked at FAR concepts in over a year and about halfway through the exam I knew it wasn’t going well. After getting the #scorenotification email and seeing the 59 FAIL I couldn’t be mad. I was actually proud of myself for the willingness to take that level of risk. When I say I was ready to be done....I was so BEYOND that point!

Are the #exams hard? Yes, they are. Are they passable? Yes, they are - says me and the thousands of others who have done so. I’ll be the first to say studying + anything else is hard. If you work full-time, have children or any form of #adulting to do your time will be limited.

I wanted to create a #course with those things in mind. To make #studying more enjoyable and less of a chore. My course will include my notes and video lessons in addition to sample questions and #simulations to get all the practice you need. I'm also sharing study tactics I used to get more over the hump. My students will have direct access to me for questions and talking through difficult concepts. Are you ready to take your #CPA studying to a new level? Once my course is complete I'm giving early access to those on my waitlist. Be the first to sign up and get on your way to #CPA! Add your name to the waitlist here.

Are you currently studying and have questions about the exams? Shoot me an email, I'd love to help you!


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