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Sauteéd Cabbage in the Cast Iron

A quick and easy cabbage recipe. 👇🏽

One of my favorite things to eat? Sautéed cabbage 😋

☑️ Heat olive oil and cook garlic for a few minutes in a Dutch oven.

☑️ Chop up a head of cabbage and add to the pot.

☑️ Season with kosher salt, pepper, and a lil more garlic for me.

☑️ Cook 20-25 minutes with a lid stirring occasionally. It’s perfect as both a main and side dish. Another cool point…

Most vegetables lose nutritional value once cooked. Cabbage is one of a few vegetables that retains nutrients and even increases antioxidants when cooked.  👌🏽

  • 🧄 @spiceworldinc

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  • Spatula + cooking tools from @williamssonoma

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  • 🎶 @ameriie + Richcraft

Good food that’s good for you.


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