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The Only CPA Exam Study Tip You Need

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CPA Exam: Investments & the Income Statement

I could write a book (and probably should) about the many struggles of the CPA exam. There isn’t a review course, #study strategy, #YouTube video, #AICPA blueprint, book of #MCQ’s, nothing I haven’t tried or invested in when it came to passing the exams. If you’re knee-deep in studying this may not make sense now but trust me when I say, if you’re doing this…you’re doing it all wrong. What is this “thing” I speak of? The mediocrity of studying to get a 75.

We all know a score of 75 is required to pass. What we STILL don’t know is the rhyme and reason to get there. It’s not as simple as getting 75 right answers out of 100 questions. If you’re studying to get a 75 it will be tough to pass the exams. If you do, can you apply what you learned? There are #CPAs who are knowledgeable in accounting concepts, then there’s candidates who are good test takers. Which one do you want to be?

Good test takers memorize MCQ answers.

Knowledgeable CPAs dissect the who/what/where/when/why/how of accounting issues.

That can get you through the most difficult questions - even if you don’t know the answer. In these cases you will either know the answer or know enough to eliminate wrong answers. Talking through a scenario and understanding its underlying concepts will lead you to the right answer.

The goal of the CPA exam isn’t to make your life miserable. I can’t even believe I just said that after the hellacious ride it took me on, but I have a different perspective after my journey. We all know (if you don’t know learn it) the levels of competence and integrity required to earn this prestigious designation. What we don’t want are individuals who cannot adhere to those standards to bring foolishness to our profession.

How's your studying coming along? Are you contemplating, waiting for your first NTS or recovering from a FAIL? Whatever your situation, I'd like to help you get over the hump and put those 3 letters behind your name. I'm sharing more CPA exam study tips on the CPA Q&A episode of The WERKin' Mommas podcast. How to study, which review course, all the stuff you need to know. Listen here.



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