Accounting & Bookkeeping

"I'm a small business owner and need help tracking my revenues and expenses."

You know how to sell your products and services, but how do you know if you're generating a profit? What does your aged payables look like? How much money do you have in the bank? Do I need to file a sales tax return? 

If your answer to any of these is "I don't know" then let us help you navigate through the transactions, analysis and compliance necessary to successfully running your business. 

Services include:

  • Process & record financial transactions in general ledger

  • Manage payables & receivables including open/close and agings 

  • Ensure timely and accurate recording of transactions

  • Reconcile bank and credit card accounts

  • File sales and use tax returns

  • Establish close calendar and monthly deadlines

Virtual CFO

"My business is growing; I need financial expertise for planning and growth."

You're doing well and know what it takes to make money.  Now the key is to grow and understanding how your decisions impact your business.  An outsourced CFO is the ideal partner for you in progressing to the next step. It's also a cost-effective solution for time-sensitive or interim staffing situations. 

Services include:

  • Annual budget preparation

  • P&L analysis & metric reporting

  • Scheduled meetings via phone/email/video conference

  • Talent & departmental performance assessment

  • Cash flow management*

  • Bill Paying/AP*

  • Invoicing/AR*

  • Payroll processing*

*additional fees apply

Career Convos - Discovering Your Talent

"I just graduated from college and am looking for my first job!"

What an exciting yet challenging time as you make the move from student to professional.  Those countless hours spent in the classroom will now be put into practice. We'll provide guidance and support to help you assess your value proposition and articulate that value when interviewing and networking. This includes highlighting your skills, identifying potential employers and interview best practices.  Establish your brand, demonstrate your worth, and land that dream job.  

This service is also ideal for those looking to re-enter the workforce.

Services include:

  • ​Talent assessment

  • Define your ideal role

  • Job search support

  • "Discovering Your Talent" worksheets

  • Interview preparation*

  • Resignation/transition letters*

  • Salary & benefits negotiation*

  • How to navigate your first 90 days* 

*additional fees apply

Career Convos - Redefining Your Talent

"I need to step up my performance at work."

So you need to freshen up the resume and go after that promotion. We'll provide the guidance, resources and support you need to land your next role.  We'll assess where you are, where you've been and where you aspire to go and create actionable steps to propel your career to the next level. Get ready to lead, grow your influence and cultivate relationships with peers, mentors, sponsors and key decision-makers.

Services include:

  • ​Talent & career assessment

  • Define your ideal role and employer

  • "Redefining Your Talent" worksheets

  • Job search follow-up

  • Interview preparation*

  • Resignation/transition letters*

  • Salary & benefits negotiation*

  • How to navigate your first 90 days*

*additional fees apply

Personal Financial Management

"I need to manage my money better to achieve my financial goals."

You go to work, get paid, and spend but don't really know where your money is going.  A financial review is ideal for identifying opportunities for better money management.  Whether the goal is to save for a home, invest more or understand the implications of buying lunch everyday, we work with you to establish better financial habits.

Services include:

  • ​Income/expense analysis

  • Credit & debt review

  • Financial goal setting

  • Credit & debt management worksheets

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