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Nikki Winston, CPA

I sat for the CPA exam 13 times. I created these coaching programs so you don't have to.

The first round I told myself "let's hurry up and get this done ASAP" so I rushed through my course materials and skipped some sections and it showed as I'd pass one, fail another, and lose credit for many more. 

The second round of sitting I felt like something wasn't quite right but I had to follow what my course materials said and memorize and learn mnemonics but I was getting more of the same thing: pass, fail, lose credit. 

After that last FAIL score notification, I quit for a couple days. I had to figure out what was wrong with me, the way I was studying, why I felt like I wasn't learning anything yet I'm spending all this money for NTS. 

So I thought about the end goal first; the fact that I wanted to be a stellar CPA, not just some good test taker. So I switched up my study strategy and regained those 3 credits I lost in 6 months.


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