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CPA Exam: FAR Tutorials Archive Workbook

CPA Exam: FAR Tutorials Archive Workbook

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Imagine getting ready for your FAR exam and feeling like you're not ready.


You have course materials and you're studying but you still get the practice questions wrong. If you're studying for the FAR section of the CPA Exam, you need to have these tutorials. 


While a lot has changed with the CPA Exam and CPA Evolution, the core FAR concepts have not. You still have to know how to analyze the income statement,  how to reconcile the balance sheet accounts are related to the 


If you'd rather have the workbook instead of the videos, these tutorials include over 2 hours of instructor-led tutorials covering topics like:


  • Converting from cash basis to accrual basis financial statements
  • Prepaids and amortization
  • Calculating Income tax expense
  • Inventory valuation, FOB shipping vs. destination, LIFO vs. FIFO
  • Financial reporting and users of financial statements


These tutorials break down those confusing accounting concepts so it's easier for you to understand. There's also breaks included so that you don't overwhelm yourself as you learn.


These tutorials will help you with all sections of the CPA exam because it teaches you how to answer  multiple-choice questions and how to learn accounting instead of just memorizing.

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