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Technical Writer | Ghostwriter | Content Creator

Hello, I'm Nikki, CPA and writer.

Here's a video introduction of me and how I combine my love for accounting and writing to create compelling content for you.

If you're looking for a technical writer or ghostwriter to create blogs, whitepapers, SOPs, CPA exam review, and accounting guides, let's connect!


Hello, I'm Nicole, CPA and technical accounting writer. I combine my love for accounting and writing to create content for clients that both educates and resonates with the audience. My technical writing has been featured amongst top brands, tech companies, private equity firms, colleges, and universities.


Clients hire me to write about forming an LLC, ASC 606/revenue recognition, accounts payable optimization, business taxes, financial education, money & credit, cash flow management, and small business accounting to name a few. Clients also hire me to create global SOPs for their accounting teams to document their close processes, reconciliations, and employee onboarding guides.


My accounting background spans 20+ years including undergraduate studies at The Ohio State University, a master's degree in management, and a fun corporate career leading accounting departments for public and private organizations.


I'd love to explore how we can work together and take your business to the next level.

Scroll down for writing samples or click the button below to request writing services.


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