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The CPA Exam Virtual Classroom includes on-demand topic tutorials, retired exam questions, study guides, and members-only resources.

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Why I Became a CPA Exam Coach. Watch the video below:


CPA Exam: The Retake Roadmap

How to Bounce Back After Failing Your Exam

In this on-demand coaching session I'm giving you some study tips for you to apply to every section of the exam. I'm also giving you some things to think about and the importance of a mindset shift as you get ready to retake your exam

Get ready to take notes and participate in the interactive portion of the course.


CPA Exam Tutorials:


Reviews & Kind Words

"The FAR workshop was very informative, especially with the MCQs. I find it better to go over the exam material with a live person verses watching a lecture more than once."

Future CPA

"The FAR workshop was definitely worth the investment!"

Future CPA

"I look forward to Nikki’s podcast especially all things CPA exam related and motivation. It’s like I have found my long lost friend."

Podcast Listener


Are you nervous about your upcoming FAR exam?

Not sure what to do or what you should be studying?


CPA Exam Final Review

The comprehensive FAR final review course includes over 8 hours of content for you to get better at answering questions and working through simulations. Plus I've taken some of the toughest exam topics and I'm giving you all the details on how to avoid the word-play and trickiness of the CPA exam. 

While I'm helping you get ready for the questions and simulations, I'm including my CPA Exam Stress Management course as a bonus so you can get over your exam jitters and walk into the testing centers ready to tackle FAR!

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