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CPA Exam: The Retake Roadmap

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Why I Became a CPA Exam Coach. Watch this video:


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"The FAR workshop was very informative, especially with the MCQs. I find it better to go over the exam material with a live person verses watching a lecture more than once."

Future CPA

"The FAR workshop was definitely worth the investment!"

Future CPA

"I look forward to Nikki’s podcast especially all things CPA exam related and motivation. It’s like I have found my long lost friend."

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Are you nervous about your upcoming FAR exam?

Not sure what to do or what you should be studying?


CPA Exam Final Review

The comprehensive FAR final review course includes over 8 hours of content for you to get better at answering questions and working through simulations. Plus I've taken some of the toughest exam topics and I'm giving you all the details on how to avoid the word-play and trickiness of the CPA exam. 

While I'm helping you get ready for the questions and simulations, I'm including my CPA Exam Stress Management course as a bonus so you can get over your exam jitters and walk into the testing centers ready to tackle FAR!

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Important Links for CPA Candidates

Everything you need to know about taking the CPA exam including blueprints, free tutorials, exam tutoring, scheduling your exam, and checking your scores.

Download this pdf file and keep it handy as you study for the CPA exam.

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Questions from CPA Candidates


I just graduated. How soon should I start studying for the CPA exam?

First, kudos on earning your degree! Once you graduate and want to go for your CPA license, download the latest version of the CPA Candidate Bulletin from the AICPA's website. This guide gives you an overview of the exam process, scoring, and application process. 

Another useful resource is my CPA Exam 101 course that you can access for free here: CPA Exam 101.

I want to become a CPA but where do I start?

Start first with getting familiar with the CPA exam structure & content. Then understand who the key players are and what it takes to pass. 

I could write a ton more but here's a free course I created that address everthything new candidates need to know to get started with the CPA exam. Access my CPA Exam 101 course here for free.​

You're so passionate about the CPA exam. Where did that come from?

Thank you! Being a CPA exam coach was nowhere on my goals list. It was after I passed and started getting questions from other candidates looking for help when I realized I needed to do something. Answering tough exam questions via DMs and email turned into a thriving business. 

I'm proud to say that the Winston CPA Exam Virtual Classroom is the first and only comprehensive woman-owned AND black-owned CPA course provider.

What are CPA exam blueprints and what do I do with them?

CPA exam blueprints are the outlines issued by the AICPA that provide candidates with a list of topics that could be tested on each section of the CPA exam (AUD, BEC, FAR, REG). Most review courses build their curriculums around blueprints.

The July 2021 blueprints were recently issued. Download your copy and watch this tutorial I created to show you how to use the blueprints as you study: How to Use CPA Exam Blueprints

I heard the CPA exam is hard. What can I do to not stress myself out?

The CPA exam is a challenging worth taking so don't stress. That's easier said than done right?

Check out the CPA Exam Stress Management coaching session to deal with your anxiety and exam-day jitters.

Are you still doing coaching sessions?

Yes! Group coaching sessions are held each month and private coaching sessions are held by appointment. 

Whether you choose group or private sessions, each includes access to the Content Library with practice questions and exam resources only available to coaching members.

I have kids. How and where do I find study time?!

Being a busy mom is overwhelming enough - then add to that the CPA exam?!

Studying and parenting ain't easy, but it's doable. Check out the Finding Time to Study coaching session for simple ways to study with kids or while working (or both)!

Which exam should I take first?

There's no right or wrong answer because it depends on your current knowledge of accounting concepts. I was strong in corporate accounting so I took FAR first. Start where you feel most comfortable to build up your confidence early.

I address this question and many more in the CPA Exam Q&A episode of The WERKin' Mommas podcast available on all podcast platforms. Listen on Apple Podcasts here: CPA Exam Q&A

I heard FAR is really hard. How do I pass it?

Don't believe everything you hear. FAR wasn't that difficult to me - but audit gave me the BLUES, it depends. 

I talked about my approach to FAR on episode 14 of The WERKin' Mommas podcast - check it out here: Get Focused for FAR.

There's extra exam resources for FAR in the CPA Exam Virtual Classroom too.

I just got my score and I failed. What now?!

Ugh. Those fails are the worst! First, feel all the emotions you need to feel. Second, get back on track with my Retake Roadmap program that gives you a step-by-step plan to bounce back after failing an exam. 

Access the Retake Roadmap coaching session here: Retake Roadmap

This is a lot of stuff to learn and I'm overwhelmed. How am I supposed to learn all of this before my exam day?

The CPA exam is 1 thing where being a jack-of-all-trades can work in your favor. The content can feel overwhelming so as long as you're (1) organized and (2) learning the high-level concepts you're on the right path to preparing for the exam.

How do I choose a CPA exam review course?

This depends on a lot of things like your learning style, what you already know, and of course your budget.

Many candidates ask this and I address this question and many more in the CPA Exam Q&A episode of The WERKin' Mommas podcast available on all podcast platforms. Listen on Apple Podcasts here: CPA Exam Q&A

I spend a lot of time studying but don't feel like I'm learning anything. What am I doing wrong?

I've written several blogs about the CPA exam, study tips, and the importance of being disciplined about studying. 

Check out the blog posts here: CPA Exam Blogs