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What's Stopping You from Passing the CPA Exam?

I don't always make videos but when I do, it's most likely something about the CPA exam.

I may do more videos but for now enjoy this one where I'm sharing my CPA exam experiences and answering questions from candidates.

Some things discussed in this video:

  1. Creating a study plan for the CPA exam?

  2. Did I tell my boss I was studying for the CPA exam?

  3. How did I manage studying and working full time?

  4. Dealing with stress and anxiety?

  5. WTF is work/life balance when studying?

  6. Maximizing my time to study for the CPA exam.

  7. How to avoid burnout while studying.

  8. What to do after you pass the CPA exam?

  9. The importance of a support system when studying.

  10. The many career options available as a Certified Public Accountant.

I watched this back on 2x speed and thoroughly enjoyed it. Let me know what you think.

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