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Nikki Winston, CPA
Accounting Consultant: Numbers, Strategy, Impact

I've built the career I wanted along with a track record of success in both public companies and private equity-backed firms. My expertise lies in accounting cleanup, financial restructuring, and corporate transformations. My impact is felt across a wide range of transactions including pre-IPO preparations, handling billion-dollar corporate debt issuances, leading mergers and acquisitions, streamlining post-merger integrations, and driving employee engagement while optimizing accounting processes.​


My leadership style is founded on empathy. I invest time in building relationships with my team and create opportunities for them to grow and develop essential accounting skills. ​


I serve as a board member for causes that are important to me and do my part to support aspiring CPAs in the accounting industry. ​


When I'm not in the office, I'm writing, making cooking videos, doing Pilates, reading a book on the beach, or chauffeuring my kids somewhere.

Check out highlights from some of my projects + client feedback below. If there's an opportunity for us to work together, complete the form at the bottom of this page. 



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