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#CareerConvos™️: The Dream Job

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The CareerConvos™️: The Dream Job Package is tailored for accounting professionals aiming to upskill, upend, or upgrade their professional lives. If you've ever said to yourself: - I need to update my resume OR - I have a hard time articulating my accomplishments OR - I can't seem to find the right job for me OR - I need to enhance my LinkedIn profile OR - I've outgrown my current job... Let me help you figure out what your next career move is going to be. Tell you more? I'd love to! I enjoy helping people show up as their best selves in job interviews and at the new job. You have skills and talents but you have a hard time communicating that to the hiring team. You totally bummed that interview because you weren't prepared for the questions. You're not growing in your job and ready to do something different. The #CareerConvos Dream Job Package helps you update your resume, refresh your LinkedIn profile, and be ready for any job interview question that comes your way. The first step starts with you reflecting on who are you professionally and what you want out of your career. You'll get guidance on crafting a resume that articulates your skillset and value. Next, prepare for interviews using our Job Interview Guide and on-demand mock interview coaching session. Once you land THE job, use our "Negotiate Everything" guide to get more money and perks like learning stipends and wellness allowances. The #CareerConvos Dream Job Package addresses the pain points of finding a new job. Get started right now on the path to finding the job you love - and loves you back!

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