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#CareerConvos™️: 5 Keys to Success in ANY Corporate Job.

Career success depends on YOU.
Career success depends on YOU.

  1. Confidence – this is the foundation of everything else I’m about to say. You have to feel confident before you can exude confidence. Articulate your worth.

  2. Communication – read, write, speak, behavior, nonverbal cues, social media. Talk! There's nothing like being in a meeting and being mute the entire time.

  3. Image – dress, attitude, appearance. If you're an entry-level staff member, that's fine. Do you aspire to be a leader? Start that now, dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

  4. Potential & presence – whether you’re in a leadership role or not. If you aspire to get there. What are your superiors saying about you and your work product?

  5. Be YOU. Authenticity wins. What can YOU do? What do YOU bring to the table? What is it about YOU the people gravitate to?

I hire based on potential. I can teach you accounting, how to reconcile balance sheet accounts, and analyze reserves. I can even teach you how to communicate effectively. You must have in you the innate capacity to own your career and move with a sense of urgency. You must be open to hearing the feedback that will make you better.

I’ll take a new grad with zero experience and hella ambition over an experienced jackleg any day.

I have hired and been hired many times over the years. Throughout my career I’ve learned that professional development occurs in stages. The support you need today may change from what you need 5 years from now. It’s also your bus to drive - too many professionals expect managers to tell them what to do next, why to do that and draw the roadmap to get there.

The opportunities are out there but you first must know what your objectives are and create your own blueprint in your corporate job. THEN seek out the advisors and resources to support you along the way.

I found an old performance review and shared my manager's feedback. On episode 8 of The WERKin' Mommas podcast, I had to get real about career navigation. Too many of us have it twisted and wonder why we aren't where we want to be professionally. What am I talking about? Tune in and find out.




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