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CPA Exam: Continuous Testing Explained

CPA exam: continuous testing explained.
CPA exam: continuous testing explained.

July 1, 2020 was a great day for CPA candidates. Even if you’re stressed out about exams right now, NASBA has implemented continuous testing, which could make your journey to a CPA credential a tad bit easier.

Learning CPA exam content is a challenge itself but add to that restrictions on where and when you can sit for your exam. First it was blackout windows which meant candidates couldn’t test on quarter-points - in March, June, September, or December. Then there's having to wait until the next testing window to retake an exam. 

CPA Exam: Continuous Testing Explained

Thanks to continuous testing, both blackout windows and waiting until the next window have been eliminated. Candidates can now test year-round and without restriction - something that candidates have consistently griped about.

If you fail an exam, you can immediately reschedule your exam; before continuous testing, the rule disallowed candidates from taking the same exam in the same testing window. Continuous testing applies to U.S. and international locations except India where testing is only available in June and September 2020. 

Score release dates will continue on a rolling basis with scores available until the expiration date listed on the candidate portal. All but 3 jurisdictions have adopted continuous testing. Connecticut and Wisconsin are transitioning to continuous testing while South Carolina doesn’t yet have a planned launch date.

Candidates who live in South Carolina may apply to take CPA exams at any Prometric location, however, the continuous testing rules won’t apply. In other words, if a South Carolina candidate fails an exam, the candidate cannot immediately schedule a retake - instead, they must abide by the old rules and retake the failed exam in the next testing window. 

Visit NASBA’s Continuous Testing page for the most recent updates to the status map. 


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