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Crockpot Red Beans

It’s always crockpot season.

Here's red beans with smoked turkey & sausage. Skipping the rice because (1) white rice isn’t flat-belly-friendly and (2) all this needs is cornbread.

  1. Chop veggies - yellow onion, green bell pepper, celery

  2. Slice and brown sausage. I used @Kiolbassasmokedmeats polish sausage in my @emeril cast iron for the perfect crispness.

  3. Set my crockpot to 6 hours high @allclad

  4. Add sausage, chopped veggies, @collegeinnbrand bone broth, 4 smoked turkey wings, minced garlic, roasted garlic bouillon base, black pepper, and @williamssonoma Ciao Bella seasoning.

  5. Set crockpot to low for 1 hour.

OMG. It’s giving perfection.



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