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Haaaappppyy Birrrrrrthday toooooo MEEEEEE. Happy happy birthday to me.

Today I slept in and woke up feeling GOOD AF. 😊😌🥳

I made no plans because (1) I have a calendar full of upcoming concerts, vacations, festivals, and outings (2) I bought myself some really nice gifts and (3) I wanted to just BE.

👩🏽‍🍳I randomly made some snapper with mango avocado salsa and it was GOODT.

🎶 I had a tiiiiimmmmmeeee with Babyface, Auntie Anita, and Usher.

🥰 All the bestie vibes with Honeybun.

👜 That new @louisvuitton Créme and Rose Neverfull grew on me so I had to go get it.

🍕 I’ll be making my way back to @humblepieatl for more clam pizza.

My family and friends make a girl feel loved. Happiest birthday to me!!!










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