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Supercharged Self-care: To the Dermatologist + a Solo Margarita Date

Making my trip to the dermatologist for my annual checkup. The office is so cute with the right amount of luxe and bougie that I like.

The non-negotiable thing for me is getting my annual preventative checkups. I've already had my physical, woman check, mammogram, now the dermatologist and the dentist is next - and last for a reason.

Self-Care: My Annual Skin Check at the Dermatologist

I got so hyped as my dermatologist complimented my skin and how “beautiful” it is. A few reasons why, all in the name of self-care because I:

Self-Care: My Daily Water Intake

Hydrate! Flavor your water if you have to.
Hydrate! Flavor your water if you have to.

It’s been my primary drink for 30+ years now. Ever since my momma told me that my face would break out from all the orange pop I was drinking.

I love adding lemon and mint leaves to my water. I'll also add other things like grapefruit, apple cider vinegar, frozen berries, or sometime plain if I haven't been to the grocery store.

The benefits of drinking water are endless. I mean, our bodies are more than half water. Being hydrated helps with headaches, bloating, weight, flushing things out your system, and of course, clear skin!

Self-Care: Sleep

I get the hustle and grind culture, but this millennial will postpone, cancel, or cut short anything that jeopardizes me getting 8 hours of sleep.

The things that happen when we sleep need to be discussed more. Many ailments and feelings we have are most likely a function of poor sleep. I read a book called Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker recommended by Tony Gonzalez and it changed the way I view sleep.

Staying up all night to work or cram does the opposite of what you think it does. Caffeine is truly a crash-and-burn and parents are OK with loading their kids up with it -the most abused drug in the world. So many other eye-opening facts in this book, I highly recommend it.

Sleep is underrated - get you some!
Sleep is underrated - get you some!

This year my sleep averaged 7.8 hours, so apparently I need to add more things to my cut-off list.

Self-Care: Dry Brushing

I learned about dry brushing back in college. The way that dry brushing reveals new skin, helps with stretchmarks (kinda) and removes toxins was intriguing and interesting to me. There's also a certain direction you have to brush your skin in for it to be effective and I had to learn that too.

Removing dead skin is equally important as the lymphatic benefits dry brushing provides. It feels nice and tingly when you’re done too.

Self-Care: Drinking my Greens

I’ll eat broccoli, cabbage, Brussel sprouts, and peas. I don’t really care for other veggies - but I will juice a container of baby spinach or beets or collards. Forget how it sounds; you have to get past the taste and focus on the benefits of juicing.

If I go too long without juicing, my body starts to crave it. I’ll take that over the white powdered Hostess donuts that I’m craving right now.

Self-Care: Skin Care Routine

I finally created a skin care routine. Jojoba oil is at the center of it since it’s the oil that’s closest to the sebum that our skin produces.

I went to a black esthetician who walked me through the multiple steps of the process and how to care for my skin the right way. We did a cleanser, exfoliant, toner, serum, moisturizer, sunscreen and more with Image Skincare products. I'm always leery about trying a bunch of stuff on my face but I see and feel the difference with these products.

Self-Care: The Solo Date

Solo date with a passionfruit margarita
Solo date with a passionfruit margarita

Then I treated myself to a passionfruit margarita and my favorite salmon bowl.

How This Works

I ended up working later than normal to finish some projects and things I want done. I’m so OK with making those types of adjustments to prioritize my wellness.

Taking care of myself is at the top of my list. Everything and everyone else are secondary.

Self-Care: Music is love

🎶: I’m intrigued to learn that Luther Vandross produced a lot of his own songs, including this one which is one of my faves and on repeat most days.

Luther Vandross - Make Me a Believer
Luther Vandross - Make Me a Believer

What did you think of this blog post?

Comment below and share your latest wellness excursion. Let’s start this conversation because too many of us talk about how we need to take care of ourselves, but something is always in the way. Or - if you’re looking for ideas let me know and I’ll share some of my favorite things.


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