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The Simple Yet Impactful Job Interview Questions to Land That Rewarding Job.

How to prepare for your next job interview.
How to prepare for your next job interview.

It’s that time of year where folks start looking for new jobs…

You’re tired of that place. They’re not paying you enough. The work is boring. The manager is toxic at work and in real life.

The last thing you want to do is end up in a new job with the same old things you thought you left behind.

You’re in this situation because you made a crucial mistake: you held back on asking those questions you really wanted to ask when you were interviewing. You wanted to make a good impression and wiling to take any job that isn’t your current job. Then you find out the grass is NOT greener over there.

You saw the bad employee reviews online and heard what people said about working there. You’ve also seen on your LinkedIn feed how great of a place this is to work at. But which narrative is true? Ask the hard questions so you know what you’re getting into. Don’t worry about a moment of awkwardness in a job interview when your career is on the line.

A black professional woman asking questions during an interview.
Ask the questions you really want to ask in those job interviews. Image ©️ CreateHerStock.

As a hiring manager I can tell you that the whole awkward questions thing is only in your mind. If I’m interviewing someone and they ask me what’s it like to work at the company I’d happily tell them. I’ll tell you if it’s great or if it’s not.

If you ask me what happened to the last person in the job I’ll tell you. Interview aside, I don’t like to play with people’s careers so I’ll tell you upfront and let you decide. Hiring managers must normalize being transparent in job interviews and let candidates choose whether they want to be a part of the company.

Some look for a happy place; others look forward to a workplace that’s a bit chaotic as it plays right into their problem solving skills. Just because a workplace isn’t all the way there doesn’t mean it’s not a great place to work.

You will get the true answer to that question by addressing it directly during the job interview. Hopefully you’re interviewing with someone who will give you a straightforward answer.

Personally, the jobs I’ve enjoyed the most were the ones where I knew what I was getting into. I’ve been told in job interviews that “this place a great!” and after getting there on the first day I could’ve plastered SHITSHOW all over the walls.

Tips to ace your job interview.
Tips to ace your job interview.

Here’s another key takeaway: the accounting industry is smaller than you think. I’ve met some accounting superstars at one company - then I’d go to another company and bring them with me. I’ve worked with people at one company and later find them working with my friends at another company.

The accounting world being small also means you likely know somebody who knows somebody who can give you insights into the company.

Why settle for a job when you can find the right one for you? Gain the confidence to ask the questions you need answers to when it comes to finding the right job for you. That's what the job interview is for so use the opportunity to sell your skills! Click below to get the job interview questions guide as you prepare for your next interview.

Here's some questions I got about this topic.

How do I get over that nervous feeling of asking the tough questions in the job interview?

Relax! Authentic conversations are mutually beneficial. Being transparent in the interview saves everybody’s time. And believe it or not, hiring managers appreciate your realness.

What should I ask in a job interview to get a vibe on the company?

Go deep—ask about daily operations, team dynamics, and how they tackle challenges. Seek specifics for a genuine feel. Ask the person you’re interviewing about their experience at the company.

Can my network really be a game-changer in decoding a company?

Absolutely! Leverage your professional connections, especially in the accounting realm. They might have the inside scoop or know someone who does.

Are managers more open about company challenges these days?

More managers are getting real about it, understanding that setting honest expectations is the way to go.

Should I prioritize a positive company culture over job responsibilities?

There’s no perfect job, but you can find satisfaction and a good & bad balance. Look for a vibrant culture, but ensure the job aligns with your skills and career aspirations.

I just had a job interview and wish I asked the questions I really wanted to ask. What now?

It’s never too late. Hopefully you got the recruiter or hiring manager’s contact information in case you had questions after the interview. It’s not too late to ask those questions so you know what you’re getting into.

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